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Join Sharon as she explores the Book of Genesis!

Many of us make plans. And many of those plans don’t end up working out the way that we had expected. Fortunately, God calls us to be courageous even when things don’t work out as we had expected.

Jesus told us that He is always with us, in every person we meet and in every circumstance we face. But is that really true? And even if it is, how can we grow in our ability to recognize Him? That's what Dr. Chris and Renae Kranz discuss in this episode.

Thomas Aquinas not only shaped the Church, but influenced much of Western civilization. Who was this great saint? What are some of his important writings? And how should we begin to read his masterful Summa theologiae? Bishop Barron offers some answers in this week’s episode. A bright 14-year-old listener asks about Bertrand Russell’s famous criticism of Aquinas, and how to respond.

Join Sharon as she explores the Book of Genesis!

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