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Why do so many young people drift away from God and the Church, and how can we help them return? This is a pressing question for all Catholics, but especially for parents who are brokenhearted about their own sons or daughters who have become unaffiliated.
In today’s episode, Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt discuss Brandon’s new book, just published by Word on Fire, titled Return: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church, which provides a game plan for parents hoping to see their loved ones come back to the faith.
A listener asks, what is the promise that God gives us if we keep His commandments? Eternal life, or something else? And what, exactly, is eternal life?

Join Sharon as she explores the Book of Genesis!

"The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation." We do not merely desire, we have inordinate desire driven by fear. We do not merely have ambition, we have selfish ambition in which we can only envision one possible outcome. To escape this trap, we must lean into honesty, trust and thanking God ahead of time.

Dr. Christian Smith has written a new book titled Handing Down the Faith: How Parents Pass Their Religion on to the Next Generation. It’s based on new research about how parents successfully raise children to become religiously-practicing adults.
In this episode, Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt walk through his findings and discuss what actually helps our kids to retain their faith into young adulthood.
A listener asks, how do we know which religion is right, Catholicism or Protestantism?

In order to draw closer to Jesus, it's important to not only know him and know about him, but it's important to know myself as well. Although it's often overlooked, self-knowledge is crucial to growing as a missionary disciple of Jesus Christ. But how, exactly, do we do it? That's what Dr. Chris and Renae discuss in this episode!

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