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At some point, the exile will end. You will be able to go back. But why? What is the reason why you will go back?

Dr. Chris talks with Deacon James Keating about his personal journey of faith and what we can learn from it.

As we begin our study of John 9, the man born blind, Sharon reminds us that John’s Gospel contains 7 signs. Sharon shows how the disciples were passing moral judgement against the man born blind, asking if it was his or his parent’s sin that caused his blindness. Sharon then takes us to the story of Job, who lost his possessions, his health and his children, yet never sinned by cursing God. As with the man born blind, Job’s sufferings were not without meaning but instead were an opportunity for the Lord to be magnified.

In this lecture, we learn why Christmas is celebrated on December 25 th . The dates of
Jesus conception, birth and passion have a cosmic significance. Sharon then returns to John 8. The
morning after the final day of the feast of Tabernacles, a woman caught in the act of adultery is brought
before Jesus. Attempting to trap Jesus, the elders are actually convicted of their own sin by failing to
uphold the judicial laws that they so rigidly observed. Sharon then unveils the meaning of Jesus’ writing
in the dust.

If we are wise, we will think about the future and plan for it. And if we are even wiser, we will be able to let go of those plans when we need to.

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