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RPL Podcast of the Week: Oscar Delgado

Hear how Oscar Delgado won the lottery for the Lord as he talks about the incredible things he did with the money.

Rutten Radio -- November 6, 2019

During the first part of this month's episode, the Rutten brothers reflected on their movie of the month: Manchester by the Sea. In the second part of the hour, they talked about where to begin when it comes to evangelizing marginalized Christians.

Knowing the Scriptures Bible Study: Lesson 7 (Acts 13:13 – 14)

In this lesson, Dr. Jan George, a retired university teacher of literature with a Master of Theology from the University of Dallas and founder of Sacred Heart Productions, discusses: Paul Proclaims Christ to the Jews; Opposition to Christ and His Servant the Church; and Paul Proclaims Christ to the Gentiles. To find a study guide for each part of the program and to learn more visit:

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: CompariSIN, Part I: The Way of Comparison

Comparison is the desire to be “more” than another. At the heart of that desire is fear. Vulnerability breaks through that fear.

Word on Fire: Joe Rogan, Richard Dawkins, and God (Part 1 of 2)

Joe Rogan, host of the one of the world’s most popular podcasts, recently interviewed Richard Dawkins about Dawkins’ new book, Outgrowing God: A Beginner’s Guide. It’s a follow-up book to Dawkins’ bestselling The God Delusion, although this one is aimed at younger readers. The Rogan/Dawkins interview went immediately viral, drawing over a million views within 48 hours. Bishop Barron and Brandon Vogt talk through the first half of the interview, responding to arguments raised against God and religion.

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