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Join Sharon while she explores the Gospel of Luke!

What good is it to have a heart that can be hurt by this world? Many choose to numb themselves rather than feel the pain of life. But becoming numb leaves us with a heart that is unable. Unable to feel pain but also unable to feel joy. As Christians, we are called to have a heart like the heart of Jesus: vulnerable and able.

Today we share the second half of Bishop Baron’s talk titled “Knocking Holes in the Buffered Self: Approaches to the Question of God.” (Click here to listen to the first half.) He gave the talk at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary as part of their Kenrick Lecture series.

Many—especially the young—in today’s time have absented themselves from the practice of faith. Our culture and time is anomalous in the extreme, in that it’s the first ever to widely entertain God’s nonexistence. Christians, at least in the West, are facing a practically unprecedented crisis of disaffiliation. But there are paths out of the cave, and that’s what Bishop Barron reveals.

It's Holy Week! What, exactly is it, and why is it holy? That's what Dr. Chris and Renae Kranz discuss in this episode.

Join Sharon while she explores the Gospel of Luke!

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