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Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: One and Only: Somebody Special

We all want to be someone special. Every one of us has something inside of us that wants to prove that we are unique. What do we have that proves we are worth choosing, that we are worth loving? Some people have a long list of accomplishments or qualities that seem to prove that they deserve to be the One and Only…but where does worth really come from? The answer to this question makes all the difference.

Word on Fire: 10 Years of the “CATHOLICISM” Series + Live Q&A

Ten years ago, Bishop Barron and his Word on Fire team set out to create something the world had never seen: a large-scale film series about the Catholic faith that put the intelligence and beauty of Catholicism on full display. The resulting CATHOLICISM series has touched millions of people, becoming one of the most effective evangelistic resources of the twenty-first century.

As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the CATHOLICISM series this week, we share a special Live Q&A with Bishop Barron about the series.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: One Among Many?

In a culturally diverse world, it is easy to see Christianity as simply one more religion among many. Jesus could easily be seen as just one more holy person among many. Is there any evidence that could lead us to staking our entire lives on the Christian claim? And the entire Christian claim rises and falls on the answer to this one question: is Jesus merely one among many? Or is he the One and Only?

Word on Fire: Get Out of the Sacristy

Pope Francis has encouraged priests to “get out of the sacristy into the streets,” to find the Church’s lost sheep and evangelize them. Bishop Barron agrees with this advice, and in this episode, he offers his take on the best ways to do that. A listener asks why we need to repent if God’s love is unconditional.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Long Way

So often, we can become obsessed with our destination, or distracted by the journey. Jesus took His disciples on an eight month walk so that they could learn how to live like Him.

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