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Reflections With Fr. Mike: Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Root Part II: The Age of Compromise

We live in a unique time. It is, in many ways, an age marked by a disposition towards compromise. One where convictions and beliefs are quickly and easily discarded whenever they become inconvenient. But the Christian must be able to stand. Therefore, the follower of Christ must go to the places of testing: the desert, the heart, the root.

Word on Fire: Grounded in the Eucharist

The Eucharist is at the foundation of the Word on Fire movement. In this episode of the “Word on Fire Show,” Bishop Barron discusses what it means to be grounded in the Eucharist and how all Catholics can draw closer to the Blessed Sacrament as meal, sacrifice, and Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: The Root: The Imposter

Many people spend their time living as an imposter in their own lives. Even Christians will often be tempted to allow the power and grace of God to only go skin deep. But this Lent, you can choose a Lenten practice that will reach your heart…all the way down to the root.

Word on Fire: Three Great Spiritual Athletes

At Mundelein Seminary you’ll find a statue of St. George slaying a dragon, below which reads, “Athleta Christi Nobilis” — the Noble Athlete of Christ. As we head into the spiritual desert of Lent, we benefit by examining the lives of saints who courageously embraced a life of profound asceticism and self-sacrifice. In this episode of the Word on Fire Show, Bishop Barron discusses three great spiritual athletes from across the centuries. A listener asks how to remain charitable when you disagree with your interlocutor.

Reflections with Fr. Mike Schmitz: Discipleship 101, Part II: Free to Keep a Promise

Duties and obligations are often seen as burdens. They restrict us from doing what we want and being able to enjoy life. But is this accurate? It turns out that being entrusted with a duty is a gift…and being able to do that duty is a power.

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